Social allegory of contemporary China


· Shanghai's Red Mansion 大上海,小红楼

· Dance of Delivery  外卖之舞 

· Who Stole My Life  谁偷了我的人生
· Peace Mantra book  平安经 
· Summer Snow  夏之雪

Chinese artist, painter.
Neo-Realism, artist’s work revive Western classical painting tradition to narrate contemporary Chinese life. The feature of the work is contemporary and historical commentary combined allegory as well as myth.

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Ou Jinzhong Agonistes

Digital painting


The title and composition of the art work is inspired from the 17th century British drama poem "Samson Agonistes". Samson was a hero of the ancient nation of Israel in the "Old Testament · Book of Judges". He was invincible on the battlefield because of his superpower. Under the temptation of his lover Dalila, Samson told her the secret of his strength was in his long hair. Dalila betrayed him and his long hair being cut off while he was asleep, the Philistines who had been in ambush took the opportunity to dig up his eyes, imprison and enslaves him in the mill. One day, the Philistines gathered in the temple to perform sacrificial activity, they humiliated the blind Samson. He prays to God and miraculously recovers his strength, allowing him to finally bring down the columns, collapsing the temple and killing himself as well as more than 3,000 of the Philistines.

Acts of violence is an important theme within "Samson Agonistes" as the play is believed to celebrate violence and heroically break the Philistine’s hallucination of a unified and harmonious world. This Greek tragedy crosses the ages and directly points to contemporary reality, which happens in the daily life and deeply sting the large disadvantaged groups of today. In 2021, a murder occurred in rural Putian, China, where a victim of violence became a perpetrator like Samson. Many believed Ou Jinzhong, the avenger, who was an ordinary man but being pushed to the brink of despair over a years-long housing dispute.
Ou Jinzhong outlined his plight in a series of petitions published on the social media that his old house renovation has obtained legal approval procedures, but his neighbors, corrupt officials, and “village tyrants” had blocked him from building a new home after he tore down his old house in 2017. Since then, Ou and his 89-year-old mother had lived in a metal shack of his own construction. In the past 5 years, he sought help from the police, local officials, the government and the media several times, but the issue still remained unsolved.

One day after a typhoon hit, the iron sheets on the temporary house of Ou Jinzhong were blown away and fell on the vegetable plot of the neighbor’s house. The neighbor insulted him, the two sides quarrel again and this became the last straw that breaks the camel's back. Ou killed two people in this neighbour’s family of 5 and injured three others with a knife. After the incident, Ou ran away and his whereabouts were unknown. The local government promised a reward of 20,000 yuan for hints leading to his capture and 50,000 yuan for his corpse. One week after, the police claimed that Ou committed suicide in a cave after being surrounded by law enforcement officers. People questioned on Ou’s cause of death and the government’s motivation for setting up the bounty difference, while the police refused to release the video footage of the encounter.

The great change in Ou's life is his own burning and destruction, and it is also the ills that have long plagued China's local governance, from abuse of power to official inaction. When the originally kind humanity is crushed under the failure of the country's legal and bureaucratic system, they will be forced to become destructionist and revenger, just like the portrayal of Samson's fate, he found his destiny by death in the end.